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Soon Dick had his hand between my legs, rubbing my clit and inserting his fingers in me. I can't explain how weird it felt, to have a total stranger, ...omeone I've never met or even seen before, playing with my pussy in a semi-public place and my hubby is two meters away, watching. Anyway, Dick asked if he could eat me. I said yes and he helped me lay down on the mattress. I was as horny as hell and I could see his cock bulging inside his jeans. Dick slowly licked up and down the full length of. No longer at war, yet always it was a battle. When he’s willing to love someone, why is it so hard for someone to love him? He’s worked so hard to deserve better. ‘I’m sorry Susan,’ said Dave staring at her withdrawing inside of herself. Going from sorrow to anger, he withdrew his apology. ‘No. I’m not sorry for falling in love with you,’ he said with anger. ‘We’re made for one another. Don’t you see that? We were meant to be together,’ he said touching her hand when she didn’t speak and taking. "Let's see just how good you are!" she said, holding his erection as she lowered herself onto it."Ohhhhh... not bad!" she smiled as her pubic hair mixed with his own, signaling she had all of him."Now, Mr. Jody... hold on!" she cried as her body began pumping up and down on the near crazed adolescent. Her hands took his and placed them on her breasts."Squeeze, Jody, squeeze!" she urged as her nipples felt the pressure of his fingers.His grunts matched her downward thrusts as she buried him. First, I wanted him alive in case he lied to us. Second, if I was right, he just might be allowed to survive. I didn’t want to say anything and get his hopes up just yet, though.So far, so good--the house was just like Sam described. The two remaining guys were hunkered down like they were expecting trouble--probably because their buddies didn’t return. I radioed Dianne and had her join me with a sniper rifle and bring two more snipers to cover our six. The nice thing about going against.

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