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None of us had any time to cover ourselves. Mansi gave a long shriek as she saw mother and covered her naked assets with her hands. I turned around to...find mother standing at a distance, her face red with anger… She was looking at us, unable to utter a word. Mansi fumbled out of the reservoir and immediately scurried to the hut, her hands still unsuccessfully trying to cover her front. She disappeared inside the cabin. Mother slowly walked over to the edge of the tank. Her face was a mask of. I just stood there gawking at her. Then I said something that would make way for one the most enticing relationships of my life. I said “that’s OK, you can call me anytime you need help” and I left. That day auntie came to my house to meet my mother, she said if my mom or I could stay at her house till her husband came, she might be spared of the beatings. My mom said she would be there once she had finished with the house hold work. So my mom went there by about 9PM and they chit-chatted till. “From everything he was saying today, I think he just saw my photos somewhere and got a little bit obsessed. And he saw Will and I together on TV at that basketball game last week, and he doesn’t like Will, so he was going to take me away from him, or mark me, or... something. But it wasn’t even about me. I was just ... He kept calling me by my stage name. I was just a thing for him to hurt Will with.”She hunched her shoulders a little and shuddered. “He ... It’s not even as though he was full. She was wearing check shirt, of which the first button was open and shorts. I guess this was to seduce me. She told me that we will have lunch later, to which I said OK. Then we went and sat on the sofa. And she again did not wear any bra that day.The conversation which took place that time is as follows:Didi – so do u have any gf now????Me – no di; like I said on that day, I do not have any one right now.Didi – OK, but are you planning to make some one????Me – ya, but the girl I have a crush.

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