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. ενώ έρχεται σιγά σιγά ο ύπνος να με ξεκουράσει!! Μου αρέσει να ξυπνάω το βράδυ και ...�α τον νιώθω δίπλα μου, να τον αγγίζω και να λέω... δεν ονειρεύομαι , τον έχω κοντά μου!! Πόσο γεμίζει η ψυχή απο κάποιες μικρές αλλά τόσο σημαντικές στιγμές!! Ξυπνήσαμε το πρωί σχετικά ξεκούραστοι και έτοιμοι για δράση!! Αρκούσε μόνο να αγγίξω την πουτσάρα του στημένη σαν κοντάρι για να ενεργοποιηθει η καύλα μου!! Ετσι όπως ήταν φρεσκοξυπνημένος έσκυψα και άρχισα να τον τσιμπουκώνω και να παίζω την καυλάρα. So you have your private kingdom. The kitchen is used together.It sounds good.The next few days did not seem to pass, but finally it was time, Saturday the day of the Bayram had come. Already in the morning Anne's came and helped her with the cooking and the preparations. In the garden was a large table at the lunch the food should take place. Shortly before 11 clock it was time, Mustafa and Baba picked me up in my room and took me outside. The guests were all there and sat by the table, the. First I build the frame and cover the outside with more wood, much like the chicken coop. Twine hinges and a dowel-and-stick lock complete the outside.Sarbun makes a jerky stew for lunch. She saw me do that the other day. I have her add two cans of veggies. I gobble the stew down, give her a quick kiss, and head back to the outhouse. I make a bench to fit inside with a square hole in the middle.I go in and drop trou' and sit on the throne to see how it works. It is not the most comfortable, but. "My place isn't far from here," Laura said. "Want to drop by for another?" Try to keep me away," Barbara smiled.At Laura's place, and with one more drink apiece, they were even more relaxed. Laura found herself physically drawn more than ever to Barbara, who had a beautifully-shaped body. She wore a red silk blouse that hung suggestively around the small, jutting cones of her bra, and Laura couldn't help looking at her legs as she crossed them, long and black and sleek, with tapering calves and.

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