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Stephane DeLaurie had been shown into Claudette's office by Selena at exactly 5.30pm and although it must have seemed like a creeping crawling lifetim... to him, only half an hour had passed since that introduction, and to the juncture that had been reached now. The evening news was just starting. The state-of-the-art television housing four separate tuners which meant that the screen could be split into four, with four different channels being watched at the same time. Such coverage was. She wanted that hard, fast, incredibly hot sex that leaves you gasping for breath but wanting more! And he seemed like the perfect candidate. This guy was attractive and very well built; he would be able to give her a good hard fuck and enjoyable quick one-night stand. He was the perfect vacation fling and she was on a mission! She had come to Atlanta on a business trip and she figured since she was in a strange town where no one knew her, it might be the perfect opportunity for her to explore. .. wow”“Well, things should come to a head quickly, either tonight, or tomorrow at the latest. Speaking of tomorrow, you remember I told you last week that we had boarded more than Milo? I have a couple more starting tomorrow. One of whom already knows Niki well”.“Two more? So, there will be four again, like before?” Roger’s mind was racing, thinking of watching Niki with up to four dogs. He could only imagine what that would look like. His son’s confident smirk seemed to indicate that he knew. The Dakins are just stupid mutants. The Caazaans are warrior like but they are usually after young women to breed with." Is everyone as tall as you are?" Valerie inquired."Everyone in our tribe are tall. Some taller than me, some smaller. You are like one of our eight year olds," Atlanta laughed. "We're coming up to a stream. The water is good so if you want the real thing, you can take a drink. Our pills aren't real water but is made to quench thirst."The cool running water was refreshing..

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