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I climbed onto the bed as I lay next to my wife, opposite to Kim, and my wife shook her head as she got up from the bed. Brenda crawled over to lay on...the other side of me as she said, "I want you to see us both as we make love to you... I'm pretty sure you don't mind that our lovely housemaid Kim has a penis, being that you already got a taste... I know I don't mind... I hired her mainly because she was pretty, so it was hard for the average person to tell, but honey I'll be honest, I knew. “I’m going to get even with you working me up so much I couldn’t run as fast as I wanted to. You made me loose the race.”I watched Brit walk up. “Did my time hold up” I shook my head. “Syndy beat you by thirteen seconds, sorry.”“Damn! I wanted to cuddle up tonight with you. Shit, I don’t want to be strapped to my bunk. I’ve gotten used to having my hand in my bald pussy when I sleep alone. I’m going to step it up tomorrow, you’re mine tomorrow night.”“Not if I can help it. I have some getting. ”Throughout this horny encounter Alex didn’t say anything, but I think he was just a bit overwhelmed by my slutty behaviour.“You like my tits don’t you Alex,” I said softly, “You like them resting on your thighs, they’re nice and warm aren’t they. I reckon they’ll be covered with your warm creamy cum soon, but don’t’ forget that I also want you to shoot your hot messy load on my face and in my mouth.” I’ve always been a swallower ever since my first blow job when I was a barely legal teenager,. . I was at the waterfront when Shannon approached me for help, andthen I came here and signed the papers..." The sound of the voice comingout of her mouth was both at one moment foreign and in the next natural.It was the same feeling she had with her own body. Each breath causedher new breasts to rise and fall, yet each breath made everything alittle clearer. "I signed up for the recruitment program and chose thisbody..."The words didn't feel true, but she couldn't seem to think of a reasonof.

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