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The area we moved to had only twenty to thirty houses inside this gate. They were a tight knit group. My wife and I figured they might be a little wor...ied about some younger black people moving in. But they seemed to like us just fine. Within two days of moving in our new neighbors invited us over for dinner. We had a really good time. They were in their sixties, she was early sixties and he was later sixties. Any way after dinner I went with the man and my wife went with the woman. As we. James smiled laughing lightly “of course it is” He said stepping back opening the door wider. I walked inside “No ones home” he looked at me with a small smile. I knew that smile, and it wasn’t a surprise that sex was a must. We took every chance we got, I looked up at him and bit my lip lightly “how long are they gone?” I asked eyeing his body. James shut his front door and stepped towards me closing the small space between our bodies lacing his fingers with mine. I looked up at him and smiled. I know he cares about me, it shows in the ways we make love and just do things together. I likely couldn’t have his romantic love, but I’ll definitely settle for being his closest lover outside of the family.”Karen and Wendy walked into the bedroom as Dan was changing his pants. “Just before you do up your zipper...,” Karen came to him, going to her knees. She shared his cock with Wendy for several sucks, then kissed him.“You know that Tina cares about you,” Karen started.“I know and I care. ” I then cut in as if it were a spontaneous idea. “Hey, since you’re finished why don’t you come over here and rub my shoulders so I can enjoy this nice food you made.” Her face only looked uncomfortable for a moment and then she smiled,
“Of course Daddy.”Her hands worked up and down my bad and I felt the heat of her body behind me, tits every once in awhile grazing my shoulder or back as she worked. I groaned “that’s perfect Baby.” and I felt her hands pause. “Don’t stop now.” I said, keeping.

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