Peters climbed to his feet and stood behind me. Patterson stopped pushing and pulling me as I watched Peters nervously. He moved his head towards my a...s, pulled my skirt up and spat immediately. I could feel it as it trickled down my ass, over my hole and onto Patterson’s balls. Anxiously, I watched as he brought his cock to my tight, virgin asshole. Patterson turned my head back to him as I felt Peters begin to press his head against the hole. A sharp pain shot up my spine as he entered my. "I asked, "What do you think is appropriate?" Food, shelter, clothing, maybe a hug or two at the right time," he said. "The knowledge that the parents care, and the child is loved." After a long moment he added, "All the things I never had in the beginning."I refilled our cups and asked, "How do we do this? I've been wondering exactly how we would go about this, and it may well be that my preconceived notions are wrong. She wants me there, as she told you. AJ, I'm not sure I can watch you make. Something industrial looking can you help me?”“certainly” She said as we looked across her desk at each other as she ran her finger tips across her upper chest like she was scratching but not really. “I can get you anything you desire”“well good” I said sitting forward at her desk. Where do we start?“well give me day to line up a couple of showings and I will call you”She was true to her word as she called the next morning and we made a time to meet in the market area downtown where she had. “You will do everything he asks you to do for as long as he wants! We thought this would be an excellent way to lose your ‘whore’ cherry!” John explained.We want you to put on your best makeup and your sexiest short skirt! No bra and only crotchless panties! Your blouse must be almost see-thru! We want him drooling when he first sees and recognizes you! We have some photos of you with him from a few years ago. You had short hair back then, remember?” Evan asked.“From now on, your whore-name.

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