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I was so horny I pulled my dick out of pants as she drove. luckily we were in the inside lane. she looked and simply said "I want to suck that so ba...." I continued to caress it as she drove. once we got to the hotel she went to get the key. as we walked into the room she dropped her purse by the door, placed the chain on and dropped to her knees. I was reluctant to pull my dick out after all we've been at work all day and I'm sure it was sweaty but she insisted with minimal resistance. It would have to stay in the car and she change into it when going to school.Linda was a little ashamed of the transparency of the thin blouse, but got used to it. Her mother was wearing a very revealing outfit, a short dress that occasionally rode up her round butt and was just as short on top, showing so much of her ample cleavage that her nipples appeared as she moved.The drive passed in awkward silence. Linda was still resentful of her mother's betrayal, bringing her boss home for Linda to. Might as well do it tomorrow and get it over with." What do you mean, we have to go? Go where? To church?" To church. To my church ... there's two services, and I 'spose it'd make more sense to go to the earlier one at 8:30."Ruthie sat up."Fuck that! I'm not going to your church! I'm not going to anybody's church! I'm done with that shit!" OK ... so tomorrow night, your mom's gonna call and start asking: 'did you go to Mike's church? Well ... why not? Mike told me he was gonna take you. So he. He was a bad choice, and I'd like to forget him." "A bad choice?" I ask, still stroking her hand. "Yes. He was very...demanding. Always pushing me everyday, to do...Well, you know." I can see she is blushing again, so I start stroking her forearm. She seems very far away, and is looking out the window. "His name was George. He was Mexican. I just loved his accent. I thought he was the most wonderful boy in the world. But it turned out he was just a pimp." She spits out the last word and I can.

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