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.My eyes opened as Linda pulled from my arms. My head still heavy I closed my eyes as she reached for her phone.When I finally woke, my bed was empty....Slipping into my flip-flops, I walked across the bedroom while wrapping my dressing gown around my body. The house was silent. I opened the living room door and glanced out the window noticing Linda’s car was missing. Reaching for my phone I called her... But Linda didn’t pick up.I fought back my doubts by hoping Linda had an emergency to deal. I opened it, not really sure what was going on. Jess was standing there with her hand held out towards me. I opened my hand and she placed four tokens in them. “These are for the shows. Partners get freebies. I meant to give you these back at the dressing room.” “Oh, thanks for that. Do you know when she’ll be on?” “The girls will decide that amongst themselves. Sometimes new ones like to get it done straight away but they usually wait to see how someone else did first.” Jess looked at me then. The words "To Lead Others Know Others" were written around the edge. He wondered what that meant.He stretched feeling refreshed and energetic. Looking down to examine his body, there were no changes that he could see. Of course, he had no idea what had happened to his face. His clothes, tan pants and shirt, of durable material were clean and appeared to be new. Not even the normal dirt of a week spent hiking in the forest remained. He stretched, amazed at the quality of his rest. He seldom. Mom was doing this mainly because in public school Iwas getting into a lot of trouble, and mom figured I need moresupervision.The name of the school Holli attends is "ST. Cecelia's." It's a Catholicschool, which is run by some really strict nuns. Mom felt that because ofthe trouble in public school, the new school, with the strict nuns, wouldhelp keep me in line.The new school wasn't much different than the last one, because just likebefore I was still getting into some trouble, but a boy at.

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