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I heard the man announce a price increase for Cassidy and I tried to look over. All I could see was her face hanging down but I knew her little ass w...s out there too. I tried to remember what panties she wore that day. As I was thinking about Cassidy's panties I heard the man say the price was moving to $15 and then my panties were pulled down my legs. Now I started protesting but no one could hear me over the crowd. The spankings hurt now on my bare butt and I kept moving to try and get. Then I slowly removed her sari. Now she was in her blouse and petticoat. I moved down to her neck and gave some love bites on her neck. She moaned. I then moved further down to her boobs and massaged them over her blouse.Then I tore that blouse in one go and there they were – the 2 ripe mangoes waiting to be sucked. But still, there was one layer of bra between my hands and her boobs. I fondled them and she was saying, “Baby, spare me. Remove that fucking bra from my boobs and suck them. They. .”I jerked my eyes away. “Gah!” I made a face.“Hey!” Lucas sounded aggrieved.I heard that male voice again. “Oh baby...”Then, next to it, a hiss. I recognized that hiss. It was a member of the Brood. I stepped up to the corridor leading deeper into the roborbothel. A pair of men who looked like they had been pinned to the floor, their thighs spread, their anuses still dripping with pale white liquid, their dead eyes filled with bliss, spread out between me and the only door that was open and. Jo looked up at me and grinned as she licked me clean, then smacked her sexy lips.“Jo, that was awesome, I mean absolutely awesome. I hope I didn’t make you feel bad when I started humping you like that ... I couldn’t help it.”“Owen, I loved it. I felt so powerful that I could give you that much pleasure. I was so excited, I got an orgasm myself and I feel like I know more about you now. I mean I just LOVED doing that, for me as well as you. I want to know all the things that makes you feel.

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