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Poor Mrs. Hamill didn't have the time or focus for anything but screaming in pleasure thanks to her lovely daughter."Well, Mom, how was it this time?"...Mira teased her mother yet again."No different from the last, except that I'm exhausted. I've come four times now. I think that I need a chance to catch my breath, sweetie. You sure know how to please your mom, don't ya, dear?" Ludmilla panted."That's the idea, Mom. Just wait until I lick your ass. That's coming next, my luscious mother," Ms.. I clenched my legs in effort to keep my juices contained. Did I want this? Before I could answer myself, my daddy had kissed me passionately. Our lips moving together, the torridness of our affair made my thighs slick with my wetness. His tongue slid into my mouth, and massaged mine. He pushed me onto my bed, his hands wandering. Our kissing became sloppier by the minute. His mouth moving against mine in such a sexual way. I felt his hand kneading my breasts. His pulled away, to tear my dress. Sex can be slow and romantic or a hurried affair of pure lust without love or deep emotion. It would have been easy to have pushed Carol down onto the bed and taken immediate possession of her body for my pleasure but I wanted to make our lovemaking as memorable for her as it would be for me. Although I was deeply aroused and urgently wanted to fuck Carol, I restrained my desire in order to take her to heights of passion greater than anything she had experienced up to that moment.We embraced. When my parents sent me to study in the Province of Ontario, Canada, I was initially apprehensive. I wanted to study at the Eritrea Institute of Technology and become a civil engineer like my mother before me. Sadly, this wasn’t meant to be. It appeared that my destiny lay elsewhere. I didn’t want to leave my beloved State of Eritrea. I wanted to stay and help my country develop. Still, I knew that Canada might afford me opportunities that other young men and women living in the State of.

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