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"I'm sorry, but I need to meet my boss at the office for like an hour at the most. Do you mind just hanging out and not giving him any more dirt, Alex...s?" Sure, sis," I answered, peeking at her. "I've wanted to check out your office; maybe I could drop by tomorrow." Okay, sis, just call me before you head over; we've been busy lately." I got you, but damn it, Louie," I whined, glancing at him. "I thought for sure you'd be able to remove the..." He took the stick out of my ass, Melinda. That. “Ain’t gonna happen.”“How do you do that?”‘She’ smiled and kept walking.After our showers, separate showers, in spite of her repeated invitation, we met in the living room and sat on our towels on the couch.“Would you rather sit in that big comfy easy chair?”“Nope. I like sitting next to you.”“It is a big comfy chair.”“I am sure it is Kendi, but I like to sit next to you.”“You could be even more comfortable over in that chair.”“Are you trying to get rid of me?”“NO!”She paused for a few seconds. Holly slept with Dad that night because she felt that he needed her. He sure was nervous when he dropped us off at school even though Holly told him that it would be okay.The Principle saw Holly and I come into the school but before he could say a word I saw his cock growing in his pants. He got all embarrassed and rushed back to his office. He never did say anything to Holly about his dress code.Lunch was different because the Cheerleaders that were in my grade all sat with Holly and I at our. Stubble. It'd take a skilled analytical mage to convince you he was another vampire, but the signs were there for those who knew how to look. The aura bulging with stolen energy, its boundaries shrunken and wizened but its contents fresh. Undisciplined. The aura of a vampire who takes what he wants when he wants it and damn the consequences.I twitched myself to my feet, the cultists around the perimeter stepping back at the suddenness of the movement, the other vampire flinched but stood his.

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