She also took off her shoes and begin to massage her feet against one another. “Sore?” I asked. “I know some man invented ...igh heels,” she said with a laugh. I reached over and took one of her feet into my lap and begin to massage it. “Oh, that feels better,” she said. I worked until I had massaged both her feet. All through this we were talking about all kinds of things, until we got to the topic of sex. We talked about our first. When we arrived at Hard-on Beach (and, yes, I had one!), there were more people there, too. The people near the entrance were content to just chat and socialize and do some innocent necking, while those farther away were making love or watching the others do so. There was quite a crowd around Barry and Alison, with the onlookers, male and female alike, openly masturbating as they watched the pair fuck. They must have been in heaven, to look around and see half a dozen hard cocks spitting cum in. It was Ms. Stapleton, looking over and speaking with a note of concern. Oh God. Ben trembled at his desk and began to shake. A few nervous titters echoed through the room. Ben’s cock strained against his pants, making a lewd tent that he tried his best to conceal. The more he shifted, the closer he came to the edge. All eyes were on him while it happened. While seeing his cock sink inside of Ms. Stapleton’s sopping pussy and fuck her in earnest, he began to shake, spasm, and then finally erupt. Maybe, if I was there with you, it wouldn’t hurt so bad.”“You want to watch us? Do you think Debbie will agree with that? Wait, why the hell do you want to watch us? Do you want to be with her as much as I do?”In some of our past playtime, Cathy has told me how much she would like to experience woman-on-woman sex. So, I asked her, “Do you want to be with Debbie as well? Does this have to do with your desire to have lesbian sex sometime in your life?”She blushed and then smiled, “I guess so, but.

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