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Cal and Ron were going to check into the fishing lodge and then take the inflatable raft downstream. They would camp out two miles from the Lodge. Thi... was a man's dream, nothing but two pals and 3 days of fishing and telling each other lies. The fishing spot that they had found was one of the best in Alaska. Neither would tell anyone where it was. Even the folks who owned the lodge didn't seem to know about the fishing spot.Cal called Ron over and they took inventory of the gear again. Cal. She let out a quick scream but Andre covered her mouth with the palm of his hand and kept pushing inside of her until he was in fairly deep. I could see only about an inch of his cock not inside of her. Andre just put 7 inches of his black cock inside of my wife, all without wearing a condom! One would think that I would be furious that he had his uncovered cock in my wife's pussy. But I was so aroused that I nearly shot out. Soni was so fucking hot letting Andre enter her temple. She had been. I asked whether she is Ok with the wine she said Ok will have little. I poured wine into two glasses. Room bell rang, Sarika went to the bathroom maybe she was shy sitting with me in front of somebody else. room boy left, I paid him a little extra tip so he won’t be bothering us anymore. I said if required I will call room service to collect used plates.Sarika came back from the bathroom she applied a little makeup and the fresh scent was coming from her freshly bathed body, she applied some. She moaned out as my fingers contacted her button clit and I made sure that I gave it my best attention and her legs were almost hanging off the sides as my fingers wandered all around her now wet pussy even running a finger under her oily arse giving her hole a quick poke.I moved back up to the head of the table and started to massage her breasts again but this time my balls we so close to her head that I felt her tongue licking them so I made a slow movement down to her belly allowing my.

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