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As he got her on her feet, he let go. She had been pulling away from him so hard that when he suddenly let go of her arm, she fell over backwards out ...f the boat. She was screaming for him to save her. Then it was as though she saw me for the first time. She looked at me holding out her hand saying, ‘please help me’ I sat there unable to move, watching as she slipped under the water. I looked over at her husband to see why he wasn’t trying to save her, he was gone. I was alone. I woke up. “Coming from you means that its true and my life is over. Whatever shall I do?” “You could take your sister and go have a good night,” my mother laughed, trying to hurry us out the door. “Don’t let her get into trouble okay?” “We will mom,” Talia laughed, wrapping my jacket around my shoulders and leading me out the door. “By tomorrow morning she will have a few piercings and at least one tattoo.” “I swear to you both I will never speak to you again if that child comes home in any condition. Their hands flew back and forth, precum glinting in the sun as it flew from the tips of their cocks every which way, many of them falling on Tanya’s face.“Open your mouth for them, Tanya,” Jamal said. “Give my boys a target.”Tanya compliantly opened her mouth into an inviting ‘O’ as the boys moved in closer, the engorged ends of their boners sometimes brushing against her face as they pumped away at them.“Are you almost there, Zeke?” Gunner asked, setting his feet firmly in position.“Oh yeah,. “You really shouldn’t have done that Stella” I said. “You mean you didn’t like what I did” She enquired with a mischievous smile on her face. “That’s not the point” I said, half heartedly scolding her. “Go on with you” she said “You’ll be wanting to fuck me next” Unbelievable!….but she was right never the less. Taking my hand she guided me into her candle lit bedroom. Scent from them burning slowly added atmosphere to the room. She had it all planed out that was for sure. I thought to myself,.

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