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Then I went into the washroom, while Tanvi crawled behind me. I opened the door and Ashma was almost done and drying herself.I got into the tub and my shower. I handed the sponge to Tanvi and she began to give me a bath. Once I was done with the shower, Ashma was wiping me dry. It was a good feeling to have a girl wipe your dick with towels after a shower.I then asked Tanvi to get fresh and get ready and asked Ashma to dress up and have breakfast. I too got dressed and was ready, while. Depending on the feedback I might rewrite some of the other scenes, too.The characters are:Gina: The latin girl in the sceneMarcos: Her fatherKobi: The white girl in the sceneTom: Her fatherOne more thing you need to know is that this is part two of the scene. In part one the girls met and hooked up.And here is the story:Beach Bait and SwitchWalking down the beach Kobi and Gina kept playfully bumping into each other, still giddy from their recent adventure in the hotel room.“That was such a. A new girl would certainly put life into him and especially so if he was putting his dick into her."No," he said with a big smile."So what is it?" I asked. There was something."I just got over it." How?"He shrugged and said, "I just decided." You should have decided a long time ago," I teased."I had to mourn." Yeah," I said, regretting my joke. "I understand." So what about you? Do you have a new girlfriend? There was a time when two wasn't enough for you."I thought about how to answer then. "Watch me, Daddy! Watch me jerk my pussy off!" She whined. His hand stroked the swollen head of his pulsing cock in rhythm with her fingers. "You'd like to suck my slimy pussy, wouldn't you?" She waited, her fingers pausing between the fleshy lips of her cunt. "You want to suck the come out of my cunt, don't you!" she demanded. Unable to vocalize, he nodded emphatically. "His cock was big and so hot, Daddy. I fucked him first, catching his come in a rubber. That's what I had in my mouth," she.

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