I point out the bathroom and say, “I will be back in a minute with something for you to put on. Just take off your jeans and panties and we will was... them before we head back.” I head to my bedroom to look for the dark sweat pants I intend to have her wear while we are there. I find them and turn to see her standing there nude from the waist down and holding her jeans and panties as she says, “Where are your washer and dryer? I changed my mind since you have already seen me naked from the. ‘I have something that will work, and we may as well practice it since we’ll probably do it more in the ninth month. Start missionary-style…yes, that’s good. Slide in an inch and a half or so. Now you slide your legs outboard of mine and I’ll grip your shaft with my thighs. Okay, now we move.’ ‘It’s an interesting sensation,’ Alex said. ‘It’s like…I’m thrusting inside my own skin.’ ‘A hand job with the thighs, that’s what my first husband used to say. We did this when I was so far pregnant. A soft rumbling of her stomach made the decision for her, so she sat up and slipped off the side of the bed. She took a few steps towards the bedroom door and felt the stickiness between her legs. She flicked an eyebrow up and stopped before slipping her hand into her boxers and let her fingers slide over her considerably damp opening. Sam's blue eyes opened wide at feeling that her erotic dream was basically a wet dream for her. However, when she looked down she noticed that her shirt was a. Mom asked, TO PEHLA KAUN HEY? asking this, she continued sucking his Dick. Raj Replied, BUAAAA… YAAD HEY JAB TU AUR BUA DONO CHACHU SE CHUDVA REHI THHI AUR MAINE CHUP KE SE DEKH LIYA THHA AUR CHUDAI KE BAAD, BUA NE AAKAR MERA LUND MUNH ME LEKE CHUSNA SHURU KIYA THHA…..Mom in moaned affirmation continuing the sucking his Dick, UHHMMMM… Raj was also pushing his Dick in her mouth for a better blow job and shouting and moaning squeezing her boobs and twisting her nipples, LE…BHOSADIKI..MAAA…MERI.

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