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Astonished at this development, Phalmina finished drinking, then bolted out of the glade, zipping right past the guardians. She flew a good way before...stopping to confirm her suspicions. The forest outside of the glade was also charged with Gaia’s energies, the very trees themselves growing like they should in late spring! To her, it was obvious Jason had been making use of his power again, but she was stumped in what way he was doing so.Then, Mina remembered that human woman he was eating out. It was not quite 9 pm, when Wendy and Kellie said all their good byes and thanks to their guests."Dave, you better come with us in the limo back to the house. Thanks so much for coming all that way to be here with us" Wendy said publicly to him.Tanya turned to him and gave him a big kiss and a cuddle, reissuing her invitation, but he gently declined and went with Wendy and Kellie.As the limousine drove away, Wendy and Kellie both pulled Dave from the seat facing them to sit between them. First. I got up and headed out of our cell and went over to the deputy's station to get my special pink razor and head to the shower like I was told earlier.As I got to the deputy's station, the deputy just winked at me and grinned as he opened a drawer and pulled out two items. He handed me a pink razor and laughed as he handed me a small clear plastic bottle with a long cylindrical tip. I asked him what that was and he told me it would clean me out really good. I knew exactly what he meant. I was to. She has sucked as many as 5 cocks in one night and ate 4 pussies. She did not like pussy at first but for a while that is what she got. Most of the women teased her and called her “tom boy” but they kept coming back. The men just wanted to be sucked because no one wanted to fuck her. I looked down and saw her uniform skirt hiked up her waist and that flat tummy and thin pubic hair and I shook my head. She had a look of come fuck me innocence that drove wild. As we talked a ran my hands down her.

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