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“ That's what I want too! Sharing, but not giving all my love to them, replacing you. My heart is still yours!” She insists once more, as if needi...g to drive home the point.“ I understand, babe. I need to be with you too” I reply in a reassuring tone.By the next day, Friday, we got a message back from them. “ Hey babe! They sent a message back. They liked our pics, and wanna meet at this restaurant near their house outside Grafton. They haven't any k**s, so it's all good there. Shall I tell. He took me to a quirt spot out of the way of the others and gave me a wank whilst wanking himself he told me it was an everyday thing men liked to do then came on my stomach and told me to go swimming to wash it off, as I was walking away he told me I would be sleeping with him and the priest that night and I was going to love it little did I know what they had planned for me.On the way back I was told to sit in the front with the priest and his helper only to have my hand put onto his lap to. His mother was seated on a stone chair in the center of the pool of water. Two slaves washed her nude body with sponges from Africa, the softest known.She smiled in welcome. He knelt at the pool's edge. "Mother, I have returned as you so ordered me three long years ago."Clovia said, "I see you have become a man in your absence. I see muscles I did not see before, and scars, you were injured?" She asked concerned."Nothing to speak of." He said. "Thirty-five enemy of Rome are in their graves from. She told him that she would think about it and let him know the following week.I had walked over to look at a custom bike and Dot caught up with me, telling me what the guy had said. I asked her what she thought about it and she replied, “I want to do it. I won’t look like this the rest of my life and I want the pictures made!” I told her that if that’s what she wanted, to go for it!The following week, Dot placed a call to the guy and he invited her to his studio to discuss the details. When.

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