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She promised to use it during the day time when I was away for work. I gave her my permission. A duplicate key to my apartment was always lying with t...e landlord and she was to use that key for access to my apartment in my absence. From then on many a time I would smell her perfume when I came home. This told me she had been using my computer during the day. I also found out she had been using the computer to surf the net. Initially she surf the news and information sites. But gradually she. Her nipples were erect as Cindy ran her tongue over them, as much as Heather was complaining she wasn’t saying much now. My finger ran up and down her slit as she slightly parted her thighs. Bending closer I ran my tongue over her crack, she moaned. Standing up I faced Heather and she looked very surprised, bending down I grabbed her thighs and lifted her up so she was sitting on the table, pushing her down so her legs hung over I ran my hand over her pussy with her thighs spread she gasped but. She knew there would be more to come, she’d booked this place for a weekend and told him they would be rutting the whole time – why had she said that! Now she’d have to keep up her side or be a washout. She never backed off. He came inside her with the traditional animal grunts and groans.Then he remembered what he’d told himself to do. He pulled out, pushed in two fingers and brought them out sticky and glistening and told her to open her mouth. She did as she was told thinking he was to kiss. The man on the right must have seen my panties around my ankles since he stopped and peeked down through the hole. I made eye contact with the man and I opened my legs like a good slut showing him my pussy. Within seconds the man has his cock through the hole and slip off the toilet and squat as I kiss his cock head. I start to stroke it; I loved the feeling of his shaft in my hand. I continued to stroke his cock with one hand as hand pulled up my shirt and began fondling my tits. I then moved.

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