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On several occasions, mostly on holiday, we had both enjoyed the pleasure of some very well hung and much younger guys as well as the occasional femal... which, although she had enjoyed,she had always played down and didn't for one minute entertain the notion she was bisexual.That however all changed when during one holiday in Mexico we ran into two girls, Nina and May. May was a stunning, blonde athletic lesbian who over the space of a few days not only got Sarah to fully accept her bisexuality. The three men living there, Tony and I and those two will give us a total of 7 men for security working the party and that will be enough. I'll allow them to each pick two women to fuck or watch with dogs or anything they want as their pay." Mike said. "So we have the party at the Fitness club tonight with Pamela and Betty with their students, Bobby and the Devereux brothers will work that and now this for tomorrow night. We have round one of districts at 1PM tomorrow and I want maximum support. I forgot to ask, are you on call tonight?" Nope, I'm all yours, for however long you want me," he quipped, taking the glass she handed him. He raised the glass, tapping it gently against hers, "To a beautiful woman, a lovely dinner and a night that can go anywhere," he said, taking a sip of the wonderful wine before letting his lips find hers for one intimate and incredible moment.Her face was flushed when he pulled back, her eyes bright and he had a hard time trying to keep it at that one kiss. Bravely trying to stifle my tears, I sat alongside her and accepted the cup of wine she offered. It soothed me and took away some of my inhibitions. B'nack sat opposite us but kept quiet. "You're not happy here," Mrna stated in a low voice, "I've noticed that for some time. Do you wish to return to your real family?" No, I have no real family other than J'cob's," I stated clearly, "But..." Through tears and sobs I tried to explain my loneliness and my feeling of imprisonment without seeming.

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