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******“Hello?” Emma stepped into the house; she couldn’t see Jenni by the pool. Emma was Jenni’s other best friend, but not as pretty. She was...only 5” and had small but perky breasts. Her dark hair made her complexion seem paler. She was only 19, but she knew how it was to be in love. She had fallen in love with Jenni the day she had first laid eyes on her, but thought it was never meant to be, as Jenni always had guys after her, and didn’t seem to be the lesbian type. Emma walked up the. She wasn’t fat, but she DEFINITELY had a chubby ass; and her dress was so thin it contoured to her figure as she walk, either she was wearing a thong or no panties at all. My eyes locked onto her ass as she walked and chatted in a foreign language on her cell phone. Each of her ass cheeks would bounce up with each and every step – I could see the shape of her ass perfectly in this dress, even the split between her ass cheeks.I couldn’t stop looking at her – the world stopped around me. My. My eyes went bright and I said, "Too manypeople!" I got up and said, "It's girl time; you guys have to leave, now! Exceptmy sisters, you all stay here." Once the room cleared, I closed the door. I took my top off and dancedabout the room. My sisters screamed and took their tops off also and weall danced about the room in our bras. Aunty told my mother, "You said she lacked modesty? She is such a doll." Then Mom said, "Whatever happened to her in the last 14 hours has changedher."At that. . his raise which allowed him to be able to work lesser hours and go out to enjoy him self. He had planned to do just that. James had always been popular with the ladies, he stood 6'2, black wavy hair, green eyes, strong jaw line and tanned skin. He tried to keep himself in good shape, he was no Greek god but his wide shoulders and big arms always turned on his past lovers. A thought of Sonia always made him extremely horny and tonight was no exception. As he lied in his bed after taking a.

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