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David never called, but we exchanged a few sexy text messages. Teasing him, I asked him how his pillows were doing and sent him a picture of me to loo... at while he was in bed with them.He said he hoped to see us again the coming Friday. Eric’s work week went normally, but David scheduled a Monday morning meeting with him at 8am and asked if he and I were going to be at the wine bar Friday night.I have to admit I found myself fantasizing about David’s body during the week and what it would be. I have to use it any time I’m here and since I’m never allowed to stand, I’m always sitting on that cold porcelain rim.As I began to get my clothes ready it occurred to me Master had called my father in law Dan. Could it be that Master already knows him? And they’re on a first name basis? How long had Beth’s father known about me? I began to fear what this weekend would bring.I stood in front of the dingy full length mirror and changed into my work clothes. This consisted of a ridiculous French. She would nibble at my erection for a while and then stop to use her lips again. Her favourite was sucking on the head and then suddenly sucking me deep into her throat. Every time I thought I was going to cum again she backed off. I could feel her pussy muscles tightening on my fingers. She was rocking backwards and forwards very fast now and I gathered that she was going to cum. Suddenly Ms Haynes sat up and I panicked thinking that it was all over. Instead, she moved down and. After a while and few drinks my wife steered the conversation a round to sex and how he coped in prison, Toby sensed her flirty nature and returned the comment, quite suprisingly, that he was horned up most of the time and that the only release he ever had was to wank off in his cell!As soon as my wife heard him say “wank” she trembled a bit and smiled.Toby continued, “prisons aren’t like they used to be, they have female guards now, once a very attractive female guard caught me wanking in my.

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