)Neeta: what?Me: tame je penty peri ti te ane me je bra todi te means your undergarments.. (Panty, which you wear and bra which I pulled and broke its...hooks.)Neeta smiled and removed her panty and throw on my face and opened cupboard and wore black panty in front of me and black padded bra, then she wore her red salwar kameej and I was watching her. She has some spark on her eyes. My dick again got hard and giving saluting. She looked at me and then on my dick and smiled.Neeta : taro to pacho. ..xTUESDAY,2,APRIL. Last night was amazing, hubby brought a friend home for me to play with, his name is Danny H, and he is a big six foot two 23 year old man who did not loose his hard on till he had given me three load’s of cum, one over my ass, the next over my tit’s and the last one deep in my pussy, add them to the big load hubby shot over my face as he watched and wanked it cum’s to a total of 6 cum load’s I got yesterday, that’s if you count. She gasped in pain but seemed to enjoy it. "What am I fucking?" demanded daddy, loudly and angrily."My cunt," she meekly replied. Without turning her head, she advised me, "Your cunt doesn't belong to you Virginia, so you should refer to it the way a man tells you to." That's right, bitch!" daddy snarled at her. Then, without another word, he yanked her violently around! She screamed in pain as he repositioned her so that she was on her knees before him again, facing his cock. He fucked his. I was the first to feel Steven's presence as his legs touched mine and then his tongue found Sharla's stretched asshole. I heard her gasp as I knew Steven was probing her ass with his tongue and saw her trying to look over her shoulder to see who or what had joined us. I stopped sucking on Sharla's tits only for a brief moment saying, "Relax dear and enjoy it." Sharla tried to relax as I knew that the sensations she was feeling in her pussy as she road my strap on and the sensations of that.

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