I was both flattered and scared.Eileen pushed me up against a tree and stood in front of me. Her beautiful body pressed lightly against mine. I could ...eel her breath on my neck and it aroused me. My little pecker was standing at full mast. I wanted so much to touch her—to kiss her and maybe more. But I wanted even more not to let her touch me in a way that revealed my shameful secret.I was out of luck. Eileen was groping my crotch almost immediately. And then she moved to the side slightly so. Andrea can look simply ravishing. And she did then. It was about half-past eight. The bright summer sun had only just set and the wide stretch of sky I could see through our picture window had been painted with a stroke of deep crimson. Andrea turned on one and then another of the lights in the room, transforming the glass panes into an array of translucent mirrors. Her short silk dress tickled up the back of her thigh as she reached for the second switch, testing my imagina- tion with a. ”The machine again hummed softly, but it sounded higher pitched, like the motor was running faster. Then came the click and once again the paddle slapped her ass. This time it wasn’t nearly as hard. In fact, the sensation was almost pleasurable– not because it didn’t hurt or sting, but because it was as if the smack ignited something in her groin.“O God!” she said silently to herself, “that almost turned me on.”She didn’t have much time to think as the motor continued to whirr and once again. Bubble-burster, he said. To which I promptly got inside the stream. It was quite shallow around the edge. He got in after me, splashing me with water after he did. I swam to the middle. He came after me and caught me around my middle. I fought for a while, a mock fight but then he kept holding me. I had stopped laughing now and was closing my eyes. I leaned closer to him. Dont Cass. You make it so hard for me, Steffan said weakly. I opened my eyes. He was staring at mine. His hands were.

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