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I smothered our customer’s face in my chest as two of Lesley’s tiny fingers sank all the way into my pussy. I bucked and writhed in this’s lap; I’m sure he could feel Lesley’s hand moving against me, out of sight of anyone watching. My beautiful partner breathed heavily in my ear. “I’m going to take you home and ride your face while I fuck you with a huge dildo,” she whispered. “You’re going to lick my pussy and ass until I. She stood up and opened the hook of her blouse. Then she opened the hook of her bra and her boobs came out of her bra. She kept her left nipple in my mouth and asked to suck it. I sucked her nipple very hard. After sometimes she kept the right nipple in my mouth. I sucked that nipple also harder. Then went downward and reached her navel. I started licking her navel. My hand was on her back slightly pressing her ass. Then she started screaming with pleasure.Then again she stood on her knee and. Astonished to see you were thicker than you looked in pictures, I quickly took your head into my mouth, dying to taste the precum leaking from your head. I slowly lapped and flicked at your head and kept getting wetter and wetter…. I could tell you were getting impatient and didn’t like me teasing you, so I started caressing your balls instantly causing your cock to twitch.Suddenly you grabbed my hair, wrapped it around your hand and thrust your cock deep into the back of my throat. Gagging, I. A few night later We are in our dorm room and Jaron is sitting on the bed and he is bare foot and something about his beautiful black feet and creamy soles start making me horny , now jaron knows I love women’s feet and he starts noticing I can’t take my eyes off his feet so he says to me “ bro why are you starring at my feet like that “ so I told him I wasn’t and he said “ thank god cause after what you did the other night I was starting to think you were gay “ I told him it was spur of the.

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