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But her cunt oozed with warm buttery fuck-juices at the same time. Her body fluttered with heat and excitement.Slowly, Jack drew his long cock back ou... of Dusty's shitter. Then he slid it back in again. A long low moan of mingled pain and hot bliss came from deep in Dusty's throat."Annnnggghhhhhhhh!" she moaned, shutting her eyes tight and tossing her head. "God, it goes so deep!" Oh, baby! Oh, baby!" Jack panted, grimacing from the tight pinching of her ass on his prick. "I'm gonna shoot so. " Violet said. "Would this be for personal use or where you planning to use it on someone else. If so would that be vaginal or anal use." I'm afraid I don't understand." Sharon said."Well its quite simple actually." Violet explained. "Would you be using this on a man, say your husband or boyfriend?" Oh, no chance of that, I'm afraid." Sharon answered. "Both categories are pretty empty these days." I see. I asked because that would give me an indication as to size." Violet said. "Do you have any. " Geez, Kayla, what's this? That means a nude beach, right?" There may be some but it's not mandatory, you know," she said throwing me a grin."I don't think that's something I could do, you know, the way guys get hard and all."Kayla and I had talked about sex some though we'd never done anything or shown each other our bodies.As we walked out onto the open beach, yes, there were naked people, men and women, along with some who were in their regular beach suits.The naked ones were mostly. 'Very accurate diagnosis, I thought. "Kylie, ' I said aloud, "are you all right?"She seemed to take a long time to consider this. In the end she came out with, "Fuck me," and lapsed into blissful post-orgasmic silence.I was shocked to find a slowly stiffening bulge in my trousers telling me that what she had uttered as a meaningless expletive was maybe not such a bad idea. "Kylie?" I enquired again. There was no reaction at all; she had drifted back into a more profound trance. I looked down at.

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