.. uhm... I didn't mean now or anything." Heh. I didn't mean now... But you know? That's not a bad idea," I said as I felt the room out for likely par...icipants."I really don't think... " Dawn began before gasping as she felt her breasts tighten up like they had back in our sophomore year."You sure you don't want to participate?" I asked sincerely. "I doubt you'll ever have the chance again to do a Timmy dance."She looked around then wet her lips anxiously as she snuck a feel of her tightly. After the initial fuck that morning, one of them made a call, and soon there were six more men in my bed fucking me. The gangbang went on for the rest of the day, until about an hour and a half before Jim was due home.The guys helped me clean up the place, which surprised me quite a bit. I thought that they would just take off and leave me to do that. Had I known that this was all a scam and they wanted to make sure that Jim didn't find out until the party, well, everything would have been far. .not to tight not too soft..They were perfect…I pressed them..Removed her bra and pinched her nipples..she started moaning slowly oooohhhhh ooohhhhh..i took her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it..she got full turned on and was catching my hair and moaning…I went down..kissed her stomach…I did not want to remove her shorts as it was the first time I thought she would I kissed her back to her mouth and slowly slid my hand under her shorts…she said no first a couple of times but. Just after my birthday, I finally had to sit him down and find out why he was pushing so hard.Giuseppe gave a heavy sigh at my question. “Paul, Sofia is going to have the baby soon, and I need to get this done before then so I can spend some time with her.”“Giuseppe, when the time comes for the baby you can have all the time you and Sofia need, but you aren’t going to be much help to her if you’re exhausted or, even worse, sick. Yes, the roads are a priority, but nothing ranks higher than your.

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