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4″goripan sundar sudol bandha ahe teche thane 38d che ahe jechawar far purvi pasun hoto te che pati mumbai la job kartat ani ek mulge ahe je 11th co...lege la ahe tar asa zala ke me tyancha gade gelo hoto tar samazala ki aatya ekte ahe tene mala baghitla tar te khush zale tene pink sare ani blouse ghatala hota basalo hoto aatya pani gheaun ali mala dela ani chodawed bolat basala natar aaty mhanali chal kitchen madhe bais me podya karte ani sobatcha apan bolu tar me kicthen madhe chair war basala. Her hand reached to the back of Jo’s dark skirt, tugging at the zip.Not wanting to be outdone Jo pulled her mouth close. Her hands slipped the blouse off her shoulder. Jo’s hands now search for the buttons on hers.The interview panel making lewd suggestions. commenting on the size of Jo’s tits. How much Jo seemed to like it. Where they’d fuck her. Where they’d like to cum.Jo realised the men are stood all around. All very close.Jo felt the woman’s fingers tugging at her knickers. Very quickly. I put my outfit on Beth's bed and went into my room toget my undies. I couldn't wait to get out of my plain boy's clothes andinto my lace trimmed pink panties and a matching cammie. I paraded backinto Beth's room and posed in front of the mirror."Hi, Jenny," I greeted my image. She smiled back at me.After I got dressed, I went over to Beth's makeup table and started todo my face. By now I was good at putting on my lipstick. I really didn'tneed it, since I wasn't going anywhere, but I wanted to. Then I just sucked him off.He came hard dropping a goodly amount of sperm in my throat and mouth. I tasted his load. MMMMM. Pretty tasty and oh so warm.I rubbed his cock on my face leaving sperm drops.I smiled at him showing him my facial and his sperm in my mouth.I ate most of his sperm then cuddled with him and we kissed .I knew this was the right thing to do so I pushed some of his sperm into his mouth.We shared a lovely cummy kiss.I licked his lips then sucked his lower lip. I held his.

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