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Fuck…me.. Yaaaaa…ohhh…. I became very hot and I withdraw my cock up to it’s head and pushed back again with a very big thrust. Nina cried out ...ut my lips controlled her sound on her lips. I continued my powerful strokes on her pussy. My cock was moving in and out like a lubricated piston. After some time Nina responded my trusts with her upwards thrusts. We were locked with each other’s grips, we were locked chest to chest and her boobs were pressed hard under my chest. Her cunt was very much. Slim to none.The Alliance Council was in an uproar. When Hoot reported the deliberately aimed asteroid attacks on Haven and the results, it caused near panic among the assembled members.There were calls for immediate modifications of the sensor arrays for every planet or instillation in the Alliance, easily done, but that still left stopping/destroying the asteroid once detected.Mine manufacture and disbursement gained priority status and billions dotted each area, which became an armed camp,. 'All's not lost. You still have plenty of options. You can adopt, find a donor, artificially inseminate... You can still have a c***d. I promise. Shhh...' He continued to gently stroke her hair as she sobbed herself to sleep in his arms, her whimpers growing softer and softer until finally there was nothing but a gentle whistle of her breath.****************************Kyle's eyes opened quickly as he felt a rumbling around him and he got tilted back. Looking around he realized they were taking. Natasha with the recklessness of youth and the courage of the wine approached him again, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling him tightly to her body she kissed him; it was a prolonged kiss, full of tongue, sexual promise and inflamed passionate desire. The sensation of the kiss lingered on his lips long after she broke contact to hold his head in her hand as he tried to further separate them. She whispered in his ear,"Oh Dale, my body longs for you. And I belong to you; I don't care.

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