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But proud of what I don't know.And I'm the girl who's on PlayWitch magazine every other week. The whole nation drools over me, even my brothers. That'... disgusting yes, but it's just more evidence that I'm the most desirable witch on the planet.I know it irks Chang, I can see it in her eyes whenever I mention it. I was in Diagon Alley once and saw her pick up one. It was the Christmas edition, and I was Mrs Sexy Clause. Red and white miniskirt and jacket, the camera looking right down between my. I hardly noticed.”I had known Ulrich for three years; he was 22 and had left Germany for a life ‘Downunder’ in the sun and surf. He had been a good friend of mine since the day he saw me drawing on the beach and came to watch. He was kind, generous, unfailingly honest, a vegetarian and volunteered for Australian Wildlife Rescue. He was a great looking guy too; tall with chiseled features and a muscular, athletic body. The time that Ulrich did not spend catching waves or tending to sick animals. I gasped, arching my back, and closed my eyes. Ken's thrusting was getting more insistent.I felt someone take my hand. It was Jen. I turned to look at her again. She was almost glowing, so beautiful, and I held her hand as she bounced up and down, harder and harder.Suddenly, my husband cried out as he came: "Unhh ... aahhh ... ARHHHH!!" He grabbed Jen's hips and thrust his pelvis up inside my misled girlfriend. In my mind's eye I could see his semen, chock-full of potent sperm, spurting up. " Get Dee and meet me in the den," I ordered. She smiled, turned, and ran off down the hall. "Willie, you go into Dee's room... I guess it's your room now, too... and wait there. The girls will only be a few minutes." What's wrong?" she asked, confused and uncertain."Nothing. Brenda needs her hypnosis, that's all. It's been a couple days, and she..." She's addicted!" Willie said, her eyes wide. "She told me that would happen! She NEEDS it!"I smiled. "Yes."Deep in thought, nibbling on the corner.

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