” “No problem, the pleasure’s all mine.” She smirked at him. He blushed and hid his head behind his screen. He knew it was just harmless, but he didn’t want it to be; he wanted it to be real. His adolescent nature was taking control. Kerry finally found the pizza, and opened the stainless steel cooker with her foot. She bent over to put the pizza in, her black lacy thong riding up above her sweatpants. Shane noticed she still had the plastic wrapper on the pizza, and leapt to the. “Fuck me, Lauren, fuck me with your fingers!”Back and forth, my hand moved as quickly as it could. I resumed sucking her clit and she came.Mel came with a loud groan, followed by a louder groan, and it was all I could do to keep my fingers inside her. Her hips bucked madly, her tummy muscles clenching, and she groaned again. I got my fingers another half-inch inside her. She cried out, in a good way, I thought. Her ass collapsed on the bed and I slowly removed my hand from her cunt. I kissed. My wife tells me to give her a hand to get it started.I get up and walk over towards Tracey with my cock hard and pointing straight out in front of me. I move up close to her and look at her bent over body on all fours. Her asshole and pussy looking very inviting. My cock is only a few feet from her two sex holes but as inviting as they look they are not for me. I grab the fake cock and slide it once then twice through her pussy lips. I hold it steady as my wife tells her to go head and back up. I put my hand on the front of my shorts to feel my cock. I then looked back out the small opening toward Tracy Mom. She began to take off a few of her gold bracelets on her arm. She placed them down on the counter. Next she moved her hands in her dirty blonde hair. I could smell her sweet perfume now. It was driving me fucking crazy. I then watch her bend over to touch her ankles. She began to massage her ankles and calf's. I wanted so bad to jump out and fuck her. But how was I going to.

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