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That’s not exactly what he’d wanted to hear, but maybe she had a point. ‘Most people in this business have to sacrifice a lot. Having a normal f...mily life is sometimes one of those things, Gabe.’ Diamond said sympathetically. His heart was breaking in a million pieces right about now, but he swallowed down the hurt and continued to listen to her. ‘We all have to make choices. You offered her the life of a rock star’s wife, that includes accepting that you’re a public figure and most times. We just didn’t figure that it’d be today.”When Lacey had her wedding dress bunched up under her breasts, she leaned forward and embraced me, and my hard cock slid against her taut naked belly. I was still wet with Paige’s cum and mine, and her warm skin felt almost as good as Paige’s hot pussy. Lacey buried her face in my shoulder as she held on tightly. She moaned softly when my hot dick touched her, almost as if I had actually entered her, and then she began grinding her tummy up and down my. I mean ‘yes’. I mean, do you mean from… from…”“From me?” enquired Kelly. “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”“But, why?” gasped Rob. “I mean, you’re… you’re.”“Gorgeous? Out of your league? ‘Yes’ to all the above.”“Then why?” asked Rob, not even thinking to dispute that she was indeed out of his league.“Because I was sitting in Social Studies today. That’s something we do a school. You do remember school don’t you? I was sitting in Social Studies and our teacher challenged us to think of something. .on the way back,he was out of his room by himself,he said"sorry bout the olman comment,are you going to stay up for a few?"..smiling i said i am now!...he winked an siad "i gotta lil something to keep us both awake,i will be there in 10 mins."well as he promised ten mins. or so he came knockin on my hotel room door,wearin black nylon shorts an a tshirt,carring a 6pk of beer,an about an 8ball of crack cocaine...i know it was an hour went by,that we didnt say 5 words,just passed this crack pipe.

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