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I went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee not knowing what else to do. I started trying to plot out a plausible excuse that my parents might buy....I guess I was taking too long because Tina came in and asked me how many times I had cum the night before. I turned red again and said "Tina". She responded with "Well how many, was it more or less than 10?"I told her less as I looked down. Not able to look at this MILF as she quizzed me. "More or less than 5?" she asked. "More" I responded. I. Pundaiyai nangu suvaithu vitu en sunniyai thangai kuthikul vida aarambithen, haaaaaaaaaaa sunni ulle irangum pozhuthu sema irukamaaga irunthathu. Thangaiyum valiyil haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmm endru munarinaal. Aval munarum pozhuthu vaaiyil kiss seithukonde matter poda aarambithen, ha haaaaaa ookum pozhuthu konjam valiak aarambithathu, ennal sunniyai muzhumaiyaaga aval kuthikul vida mudiya vilai.Athanaal sunni munaiyai matum ule vitu vitu eduthukondu irunthen, sexiyaaga. So, once I received a random snapchat message from her and opened it. I got the shock of my life. She was holding her beautiful titties with the caption “miss these, tiger?”. I went berserk after seeing the snap and me being the pervert, took a screenshot. She got the notification and pinged me the next minute asking me to delete it and said it was by mistake and it was supposed to be for the guy she was seeing. I respected her and deleted it. After that incident, she came to Coimbatore to meet. Then Akansha told me that Seema does not have strong financial background, but Seema’s husband’s family is very affluent family and have many family members from law background, so that if divorce will happen then Seema is not going to get the proper monetary compensation from Alok. And he will easily do another marriage and will have baby from that. After this much conversation we reached our homes. Next day I and Akansha met each other in the park of our colony and we started discussing about.

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