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It hasn't hurt me at all. Who knows? You just might like it!" Well, O.K. I might try." I was being very cautious. "Just how do you propose we go"She started to take off her t-shirt and said, "Let's try this. I'll give you a blow job, you can come in my mouth but, instead of my swallowing your come, I'll hold it there and I can give you a kiss. That way you can taste it in my mouth and not have to do anything else if you don't want to."The sight of her naked breasts started to give me. It was at that moment she decided it was time to go home. Her mother had warned her of the pending snow storm approaching but when have weathermen ever been right, besides she grew up braving the mountain snow storms, how bad could it be?“Ha,” she mumbled, “Of course Blizzard Bob had to be spot on with this storm.”The snow was falling in the biggest fluffiest flakes, it was mesmerizing. Everything was white which is why she didn’t see the guardrail until the last minute. She hit the brakes. ’ Putting both of her arms around my neck she pulled me close and kissing me on my cheek she whispered in my ear. ‘I’ll never forget what you did for me, never. I promise I’ll never forget you.’ Then she got up and left to go outside to her mother. ‘All right, Rick, what happened?’ Sergeant Johnson asked me. I filled him on everything from the time I got on the scene to when he arrived. ‘How about you? Are you hurt?’ He asked me. ‘Yeah. My chest hurts like Hell.’ I replied. Calling for one. ’ I knew without needing to think about it that my anger was an expression of fear. Fear over the way my life was out of control. Fear over never achieving what I had set out to achieve. Fear that as a scientist I would be insignificant, that my life and work would count for nothing. Fear of letting Miranda deeper into my life only to lose her next year. ‘And is there anything beneath fear?’ I asked, shivering at the chilly winter air. ‘Probably,’ he said. ‘We’re usually afraid when we’re.

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