6 inches and ready for it, I was terrified I wouldn't be able to handle it but he was gentle with me surprisingly. His cock just slowly pushed inside...of me his moan different from finally feeling a real virgin pussy, compared to his already used pussies he has had before. His hands run up my back grabbing my shoulders through my jacket and starts to push in and out of me, and I make next to nothing in noise which surprised Adam but he continued until finally he was done. I asked him, "Was I. “No, no one,” he said.“No children either?” she asked.“Nope. It’s just me,” he said. He unlocked the door and held it open for her. “Welcome to 'Chez Roberts’! Come on in,” he said. He offered her a seat on the sofa, the only real comfortable place to sit in his small apartment. “Would you like something to drink - I have soda, ice tea or water? Or I could make us some instant coffee if you want something hot?”“A cup of coffee would be nice, I’m pretty chilled from the rain,” she said.“Oh, of. My wife and I were discussing this one evening when she asked me:"What possesses people to do things like that?"Not realizing the hot water I was about to get into I said, "All people have fantasies honey; some are just brave enough to try and actually live them out." I don't have any fantasies, do you?" A few," I said."Like what?" she asked.I told her if I brought them out into the open they wouldn't be fantasies anymore. Karen gave me a look that said I'd better start talking or my life was. . During afternoon hours in a lonely theatre and we can try our luck there.. But since he had work.. He denied..He then messaged that he had an idea. I knew things were gonna get wild from here! He said he had terrace keys for his society.. We can go there once it is dark and lock the door from inside.. Also since his building is the tallest in his neighbourhood no one can figure out what is happening there.. I was surprised and absolutely unsure. I am not afraid of making out in an empty.

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