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I was sure she felt electricity. The kiss ended just as fast as it started. I pulled my head back to look at her face. Her eyes were still closed, her...lips wet and slightly open. I was thinking if her lips were wet because of the kiss, or just a bit of lip gloss.Suddenly, the phone rang. Jessica’s face didn’t change, still in that same position, oblivious to the phone ringing. After about the third ring, I gently put my right hand on her shoulder, just touching her neck. She moaned a little at. All we were doing was destroying the occasional ocean-going ship we caught.Some of the ships were marginal, so our men boarded them to see what they were used for. No matter how large or small it was, if it was clearly a fishing boat we left it alone. People gotta eat. Someone could convert them into ocean-going cargo or passenger ships, but whoever did that would have to deal with all the people who weren’t getting fed any more by the fishing boats. The island had fields and pastures, but most. He told the fairy to go to the director's van and pleasure him till he joins him there. Fairy even though didn't want to leave me but did that with a puppy face. I couldn't believe my fairy going out dressed as he was. In the van, my fairy's master told me that he was gay and he had no intention to do anything to me, which I was both happy and sad to hear. He took me in his lap just to show the reaction of the fairy.But he had a proposition for me. I heard the proposition and was shocked to. I managed to trip her and we both tumbled to the dirty cement floor. Without letting go of the nylon rope, I rolled her face down and finally had her where I wanted her. After a while she stopped fighting and her body went limp. I thought she was dead so I let go of the nylon rope and rolled her on her back. As I started to admire her beautiful face I saw her eyelids flutter and realized she was alive. She got one foot under me and nearly kicked me across the room. I was back on her in an.

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