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She was dripping wet by this time. She sat up higher on him to avoid his thick cock from going in her. At first I just sat where he was, watching both...their naked bodies together while she kissed him and told him he could touch her ass. He said ok and I watch as she teased him with her tongue. He reach to her ass spreading and kneading her as as she teased him. A couple times I notice her sit back that his thick cock slapped up against her wet cunt. My cock was throbbing as I watched her work. I could hear water being poured over hot stones, sizzling to send up fresh fragrant steam that flowed over my body. The steam became thicker until I could hardly breath.From there, trembling at this point from what was almost an overload of sensations, I was taken into another room, or maybe it was back to the first room. I was so confused and turned around by this point I didn't know where I was. Cool water was poured over my hot skin, eliciting goose flesh and shivers, washing away the sweat. The second guy removed my shirt and lifted my t-shirt over my head. As soon as my hands were up and trapped above my head. He lowered his face to my nipples and begin to kiss suck them into his lips one at a time. Yes they had done their homework, they knew just what my fantasizes were and how to execute them. I lost my self in their manipulations and begin to respond favorably towards their undertakings. I freed my hands and arms and lowered them, one to the head of the one sucking my flaccid. I felt like the luckiest woman on earth because my Peter loved me so much that he taught me all these lovely nasty things just for the two of us. But in my wicked nasty dreams I always had Peter face but this time it was a little different. This time it was a faceless man doing those things.Now before I go, there is something else you should know. Not one time in our marriage did we ever look at or discussed porn. When it came to sex, we were both just into it all by our selves. I do not know.

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