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I purchased my gym uniform and headed off for home. As I walked outside into the parking lot I saw Hillary was standing next to car chatting with Mich...el and Tonya. When I got there Michael smiled at me but had that cute shy way about him again. Hillary pipped up right away and said “Hey, do you want to go to the Mall?” She was practically exploding with enthusiasm. I asked her to wait and called my mother. She told me she was almost at the school and that I was to come home as my father wished. I kept my cock inside her and kissed her lips deeply we both did a passionate kiss. My cock is throbbing I am not able to control anymore. Her moaning becomes louder and louder. I checked whether all windows are closed in bedroom because anyone can hear. She is like shouting. But pleasure of fucking her hot wet pussy is only can be felt.We changed our position to doggy style then fucked her like we will not get another day to live. She liked it very much and said “hmmmmm aaaahh aaaaahhhhhh fuck. She climbed out of her pajamas and into her robe,then turned on the the shower, a little bit warmer than normal. Whenthe spray was even and strong, Michelle climbed out of her robe andinto the warm fine streams of water. “Ahhhhhh….” She thought to herself as the water hit her nakedbody, “that feels really good.” She turned her back to the water atfirst, to let her body get used to the abnormally hot water, then asher skin warmed and wetted, she turned slowly. About 8:30 I got a call from her and said she wasbringing Paul over. They had just finished dinner andshe thought Paul would enjoy the hot tub from beingroad weary. I said fine and about 20 minutes later bothcars pulled up. She got out and I saw from the light inthe car that her skirt was really short – never sawthat one before and it was probably a new one shebought. Paul was right behind her with a big smile onhis face. We quickly got introduced and then sat downfor some small talk. .

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