My parents never knew about what happened to me till i got pregnant, My dad got crazy angry and he was beating me so hard and forcing me to confess ho... I got pregnant and with whom I did fornication but I could not confess anything Because of my pregnancy without marriage and my refusing to confess about what happened to me, my family could not hide that and it was very complicated especially I was raised in Arab country (Lebanon) and it was a big scandal and published and known in all our. Her lover wasted no more time after her intense orgasm and I felt his balls tense up and dump his load into Anita’s cunt. The black cock slid out my wife with cum still clinging to it; he turned the water off and said it was time to return to the bed…He sat next to Ana at the edge of the bed. They started to kiss. Meanwhile I got between my wife’s spread legs and ate Jerome’s cum out of her. I stroked the black cock as I ate my wife’s pussy.Soon it grew hard into my hand. Then Jerome told me he. ’ ‘But you said yes last night.’ ‘I was tired and didn’t know what I was saying, but what I really meant to say was no.’ ‘Give me a reason as to why we can’t go out to dinner together.’ ‘Well, it’s not good to relive the past.’ ‘Who said we’d be reliving? Maybe we should use the time we haveto build something new and fresh.’ ‘You can’t do that because it’s impossible to erase all the memories.’ ‘You’re right, because my feelings for you remain just as strong.’ ‘How can that be so? You left me. I could feel her walls tighten on my rock hard dick. She started screaming loudly. "I'm cumming!!" As if on command her wet pussy juices began to flood down my dick. "OOOOO!!! Don't stop, please don't stop!" I pushed her off me and laid her on her back. Her small tender frame was as beautiful as ever. She was 5'3, shorter than my 6'4. Megan was a beautiful, thick and I loved her gorgeous smile. Her long straight onyx hair laid behind her angelic face on the mattress. She looked up at.

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