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Batman, Dark wader from Star Wars, Zoro, Robinhood, etc. the 2 ladies were dressed as princess and the other was dressed as Lara Croft. All had masks ...ike mine and could not make out who they were. In 5 minutes we reached a boat jetty. It was an island. It was a city in itself. There were people walking around mostly slaves but not nude. I could see a restaurant, a mall, cinema theatre small shops and eateries, a beach a playground with basketball court etc. It was a beautifully landscaped area. The short fucking of the red slut before pissing changed the taste slightly and as I was gently fingering the white Slut had a brilliant idea! Why not fuck the Pissing-Sluts to an orgasm and taste again to see how the mix of cum and piss would taste! All the Sluts liked my idea so round two of the tasting began. I fingered the white Pissing-Slut in front of me to an orgasm. As soon as she was a bit relaxed she started pissing again in our glasses. The taste was awesome! Tasting the cum and. One leg seductively perched up on the bed, sliding the towel over her muscular calf slowly, methodically.Her long, wet hair flowed over her shoulders, slightly dripping on the floor. Her skin was beautiful, lightly tanned from her hours by the pool, little tiny freckles danced all over her back. She was so beautiful standing there. Rick couldn't believe his daughter had grown into such a gorgeous young woman. He realized his cock was getting hard again and decided he should go lie down.As he. ” She sipped her beer, seeming kind of upset.“Well, I’d be happy to show you, if you wanted,” I said.“I’d like that,” she responded. “I considered asking one of the guys from school, but I don’t want a steady or an attachment. Just some fun. I figured a, more mature, guy would understand that better.” She seemed nervous, like maybe she thought I would be bothered by her ‘more mature’ description.“I’m ok with that. It’s usually foreplay for more, and I haven’t needed a condom in years, tho, so I.

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