That was what felt natural and comfortable. No big deal,I liked it. If people saw me dressed in my own house, they saw.They could scarcely acknowled...e what they saw when we met on thestreet or in stores, not when they were the Peeping Toms, not me.Melanie refused to share even a hair ribbon with me, so I boughteven those for myself. No big deal there either. Shopping aroundtown for dresses and skirts and intimate undergarments becomes lessharrowing than you'd think after a few years. It's. Lying there in a strange bed felt weird. Hotel beds like I’d slept in for the last week feel like a hotel, much the same everywhere. This felt different; it had an atmosphere, a personality. Andrea had a different scent, breathed with a different rhythm, the way she curled up in bed was not the same. She might have as good a figure as Carol, as pretty a face, as bright a smile— but she wasn't Carol.Lying next to her I knew more than ever before that whatever Carol wanted to make it work, I had. Get it good and wet for Me.”She took the required few steps and roughly pushed it into my mouth. I tried to take it but it was obviously too big. “It’s definitely going in your white-boi-ass” She confirmed, “So you’d better get it wet.”I continued, gaging and eyes watering, until Goddess seemed satisfied. “On your back, on the bed, ass right here” She demanded, pointing to the edge of the bed. I did as She demanded.“Lift those knees up and to your chest” She added. “They call this the. You acted as though the ruffled tops were tiny kisses as I clipped the garter tabs to them. You didn't even ask where she got the long blonde wig from as she carefully maneuvered it into place. When we were finished, we'd feminized you into our beautiful little sissy boislut. Looking at our reflections, you could see you were a perfect match for us in your corset, knickers and stockings. Your lipstick and eyebrows were startling against your pale-powdered face and the blusher only recreated the.

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