As usual, the new mutant was scared for his life and had been shunned by everyone who knew what he could do.A picture popped up on the screen of the X...jet of the new mutant. He was tall, with just a hint of developing muscle. He had close cropped brown hair, glasses, and dark green eyes. From the cockpit, Jean sighed. 'Another teenage boy.' She thought to herself. 'Why is it always teenage boys?'~Kitty!~ she sent out to one of the three mutants who had accompanied her. ~Another boy. Your age.. . he had to... had to... Turning to Dan to ask, he saw that Dan knew. Nodding, Dan waved a hand at his sister.Lou nodded to himself, and began to undress, not caring that Dan was there. He hurried, stripping down and dropping his clothes where he stood.Sarah could hear Lou disrobing and moaned. "P-please..." she croaked from her dry, torn throat. "Oh god, please... please... don't... don't do this..."Nude, his long cock hard out before him, Lou felt his blood rush at Sarah's begging. He climbed. Her parents weren't home so i slowly sneaked into her backyard to suprise her.when i got a good view of her she was naked in the pool with another girl. they were kissing eachother and fingering eachothers pussy. i slowly snuck around and came to the pool. they were still in there heat so i slipped off my shorts and entered the pool trying to be as quiet as i i slowy snuck in the pool they seemed as if that they were not gonna notice me. i crept up behind sarah and gave her a big hug. "See enough?" she asked in a soft voice, breaking the silence.Startled and red-faced, I looked up and sputtered, "Yes... I mean no... oh shit, I'm sorry."Getting up, she added, "That's OK, Dr. Burbank. I understand." And she left.Understand what? What's to understand? That she drives me crazy? That late at night, aroused and frustrated, her face... no, her legs come to mind? That she's unattainable?Totally unnerved, I left to go on rounds. At least in that arena I could put together a few.

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