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——————————- I’m already naked as she pushes me down onto the bed. I can’t see her face, as always. It’s in shadows. All I se... is her pale skin and red lips. She smiles behind pressed lips as she lightly drags her nails up my chest. She is also naked as her average breasts come into view. She grabs one of my arms and places a rope around it. I simply stare at her as she does. She ties the other side to the bed post. Before moving to the other side to my other arm up, she kisses me lightly on the. She closed door from outside. Now it’s only me and shravya. We both rushed inside our room kept the door open we hugged passionately smooched . I requested her to show her boobs initially she said no. Later after 10 more mins of smooching.I lifted her tee up wow wow wow wow what a sight nude breasts first time in life so firm, tender, soft she closed her face in shy allowing me to enjoy the show. Nipples were erect, dark juicy I started to suck them one after the other she was in full mood I. Swallowing hard, he carried the spreader bar and the clips out into the room. He quickly attached the spreader bar and laid the clips out on the dresser, then rushed back to the kitchen to finish breakfast. His feet were already starting to ache by the time he announced to her that breakfast was served. And while he wasn't sure, he thinks he may have scuffed his shoes several times already.He turned to begin cleaning up as she started to eat, but she stopped him.Offering him a seat if he wished. Thought it might fuel your little dreams. Don’t wait up, Sue xx”I re-read the text two or three times, enjoying the wonderful feeling of being back in touch with my wife, after what was only two hours but felt like an eternity apart. This was vintage Sue. Clever, playful and pushing my buttons.And having squeezed every drop of pleasure from Sue’s text, I then opened the image. It showed two very attractive people smiling and enjoying their evening. Wearing matching black outfits, the large.

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