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She breathed a sigh of relief as she felt her fragile webbing start to heal as it lay against her ribs and shoulder blades beneath her torn flesh.She ...lexed her hands and wrists, realizing that several digits in her hands had been broken in their extended state, and hadn’t quite returned to their normal position when they became forearms and hands again. Not knowing exactly how to fix them, she just kept pressing and pulling on her wrist and fingers until they finally ‘felt’ right and had their. A pair of long canines emerged from the upper jaw past the chops and extended at least 40 centimeters (15 ¾”) past the lower jaw.Only now did he notice the dark metal band around the beast’s neck with short cone shaped metal spikes in even intervals all around its colossal neck. It was something man made, it was a collar! Roy sighed and relaxed, this was not an animal native to Green Hell.It was quite obviously a pet, a tamed animal. Terrans especially, but other cultures as well, found joy in. Lifting the articles of clothing that were lying on top of the underwear, James looked over the panties and chose the most feminine appearing pair. Pink lace made up the majority of the panty, with only a small amount of satin fabric that would cover her mound and part of her shapely ass cheeks. Once he'd chosen a pair, he replaced the clothing, making sure everything was as it had been and zipped up the suitcase, placing it back on the floor where it had sat previously.Peering around the door. . enjoyable ... way ... to ... unwind.They rinsed off and dried each other. With a cheeky grin, she turned away, knelt on the bath-mat and rested her face on her forearms on the floor, wiggling her bottom at him. He reluctantly resisted the temptation to fall to his knees behind her and sink his already uncomfortable erection into her inviting pussy, instead delivering a stinging slap to her offered bottom."What?" She squeaked, looking round and almost rising."Count, Bitch!" He snapped"OH!" She.

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