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So she was married; that could get interesting quickly.He saw a very muscular black man raising his hand, and decided to choose him as well. If he had...his way, every night, not just Friday, would be ladies night, and he would only have women on the stage, however, if he wanted to be viewed as anything other than a pervert, he would have to get by on choosing a few men. Besides, the men sometimes made for excellent stalling situations when he was running ahead of schedule and needed to fill up. It felt a bit weird walking around wearing her strap harness, but since it was basically just a pair of panties with some straps to hold the O-ring on it wasn’t uncomfortable. She found one of the smaller bars that served food, and grabbed a seat at the bar. The bartender, a young woman about Emily’s age came over and handed her a menu.“Would you like something to drink?” She asked.“Vodka cranberry,” Emily said. “And if you give me a minute, I’ll get something to eat.”“Vodka cranberry coming. She reached in and took a slip of paper. “Yi-mung, you next!” Carol said. Yi-mung took her slip of paper from the bowl. Carol looked at Sung Hee and presented her with the bowl. “Sung Hee, take a paper.” She did. Carol then took the last piece of paper from the bowl and looked at the other three women. “One of us is going to make a porn video! How cool is that?!” Louise, Yi-mung and Sung Hee laughed nervously and looked at each other and at Carol. “OK, who’s wet yet?” Carol asked with a. Terry would sit at the end of the bar near the hall leading to the restroom and I’d take off my wedding ring. I’d drink free all night.We never ran across Bobby and his gorgeous big black cock again – though we tried cruising his neighborhood several times (in addition to hoping to see him in the bar). I found out one thing on those weekends: not all black men have huge cocks – or at least not when compared to Bobby. I checked out plenty of trouser snakes, and gave some blow jobs in the.

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