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She had some of the members over to the house. I still was having sex with male patients.Then one evening on Friday I had one of the male patients com... over and I took him to one of the bedrooms. Tina and James and the group were in the kitchen table and the rest of the house was dark at 9pm in July. I was on top of this guy frot fucking him and I hear the door open and it was one of the guys from Tina’s group and he leaves quick but I jump up and run out the door catching him in the hallway. I couldn't help myself I brushed his pulsing cock across my cheek, moving it across my lips to the other cheek, I moaned as I slide it over my lips. I moved it back to my lips and licked it like an ice cream cone; I was entranced by the taste of his pre-cum. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and swallowed what I could of it; its girth stretched me to my limits. It was so thick I couldn't get it down my throat without gagging but that didn't stop me from trying. As I popped it out of my mouth. Reynolds. I, uh, think I twisted my ankle. Could you give me a ride home?"She smiled brightly and reached over to open the door."Sure sweetie! Hop in. I was just on my way home from the gym."I eased myself into the seat and shut the door as she pulled back into traffic. Since this was the first time this morning that I hadn't had a head swimming erection, I studiously examined everything in the car, except Mrs. Reynolds."Is this a new car Mrs. Reynolds?"She smiled and rested her hand on the. She just shrugged and some minutes later said: “Look we’re graduating next week. Wanna have a party?” “A party? Not at my house we’re not!” I said. Elsie shrugged her shoulders. “Oh I know that, not mine either. But… you know a guy named Timothy Meadows?” I did happen to know him. He was a nerd, who was tall and skinny with the worse case of acne I’d ever seen. And of course I readily agreed to go. I mean, it was my graduation, everyone parties that night, don’t they?” Graduation was nothing to.

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