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He suspected she was having an affair. He himself had had a couple one-night stands to see if he really could get it up. Once he could, and once he co...ldn't. After getting a good feel for him, I printed out a letter for Janice:"I can read your mind. If you don't believe me, I know you shoplifted that perfume when you were in sixth grade even though you never told anyone. Mind-reading is the main reason I have been a splendid lover for you. I can also read your husband's mind. You can make your. ” Gary winked. Elaine elbowed him gently. “Oof!” he acted, grabbing his ribs. “I’ll be coming back for those,” she said, grinning. “Okay then. I trust you will enjoy the fine Cognac that will be served with coffee.” “Thank you.” Elaine sat back and listened, her jaw dropping as the Frenchman turned his attention back to Gary. Amazingly, the two men launched into a brief conversation in completely fluent French. Far from. Keep going he said. She spread her legs as wide as they would go and squeezed. Pushing the remaining piss out in a arch all over Jons hand, the floor and even his trousers. She soon ran out of the amber liquid and the flow stopped. Im so sorry she said, bowing her head in shame. Dont be Jon replied and he gently put his dry hand under her chin and lifted her head. As Kimmi watch as Jon raised his hand. After a moment studying it he stuck out his tongue and started to lick piss covered fingers.. She reached for the towel she had brought to wipe down the cows and used it instead to clean some of the combined wetness that was now running down her thighs. The smell of sex was pungent in the air. She tried to wipe away the sticky semen that still remained on her face and breasts. She found the thin cloth now smeared more than it cleaned or removed. As she glanced up from cleaning herself, she noticed the boys had pulled up their jeans and were watching her. Silently, she finished and.

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