"You're not even worth the satisfaction," the dragon said dismissively,leaning back onto her haunches. "Leave. Go now, and I will forget thisever happ...ned."Jonathan's face slowly turned red. Was this dragon... mocking him? He grithis teeth together, his hand tightening on his sword. For a brief moment,he felt his anger overpower his fear, and he spoke."No."The dragon raised the brow over one eye intriguingly, as the young mandrew his sword."No," he repeated. "I won't run away. I... I will. She'd been staring at me watching her, and I could feel myself falling into the very deep, black pools her eyes had become. We must have stood like that for minutes. Her holding my cock and me standing with my arms at my sides. I think now, that then, at that moment, was when I fell in love for the first time. I'd never felt like that before. Willing to do anything just to keep her. I think she felt a lot of the same thing. She finally took my right hand in her left and put it on her breast. I. Par mai waise hi baitha raha. Phir wo mujhe boli pls mere gardan ke peche khujli ho rahi hai jara sahla doge maine darte 2 kaha thik hai aur main useke nighty ke upar se use sehlane laga. Thori der main usne kaha jara neeche beech peeth main sahlao na to main neche hanth le gaya to wo boli yaar nighty ke andar se sahla do par main ruka raha to wo jhat se apna nighty peeth tak uapr utha di aur ek tarah se nangi ho gayiaur main uske chutar aur peeth ke sehla ke mast ho raha tha. Phir wo achanak. Carly grabbed my ass with both hands pushing me in even deeper if that was possible. I then felt my ass cheeks being pulled open and I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Carly was pushing her tongue into my asshole. Shelly grabbed and twisted my nipples and I shot off. Shelly started coming right a long with me and it felt so right but kinky as shit as well. Carly took a hold of my hips pulling away from Shelly and almost knocked over to get at had freshy fucked cunt. Shelly yet out a deep.

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