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- mmhmmm mmhmm --ssh. She quieted again, just gestured yes with her head and Luna smiled, as she finally closed her lips over Miranda's hard clit and ...ilk it firmly , in just a few seconds it was done, Miranda's orgasm was inevitable, she let out a scream against her panties, tasting her own juices even more, same as her lover, who rejoiced in the large amount of juice she had milked out of the blonde. - You're like a little cow. - She joked and flicked the tiny bell on her left nipple -. With that he he braced himself and started to bang her sweet pussy. My wife just kept yelling“yea, yes, yes fuck yes”!Our plan was that when she was ready to cum he would pull out and turn her on her side and place his cock head against her asshole while playing with her clit. Sure enough when she yell I’m going to cum Carlos pulled out and my wife started to yell“No, no, no, please don’t stop”!Carlos told her don’t worry baby we got all night and turned her on her side and slid behind her. He. Aber es gibt noch viele andere Möglichkeiten wie sich die Geschichte entwickeln kann. Also ist jeder herzlich eingeladen Kapitel hinzu zu fügen und ich bin dankbar für Kritik und Ratschläge für meine Art die Geschichte zu schreiben.Diese Geschichte ereignete sich eine Woche nach dem Ich mich von meinem Exfreund John getrennt hatte. Er hatte mich mehrmals betrogen. Als ich das erste mal Gerüchte darüber hörte, dass er auf einer Party mit einer anderen rum gemacht hatte, schaffte er es noch. I could feel his ballsack against my faceHe pushed further, lifting my head to get a better angleI started to gag, my eyes watering, my mouth was drippingHe watched my face for what seemed agesThen pulled outI breathedHis cock was pushed back, in further this timeI could feel the size of his throbbing cock filling my mouth and throat, this is so hornyI gagged, my eyes watered, more dribble from my mouthHe pulled out.This was repeated a few times, each time trying to beat his record of cock down.

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